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True Beauty Quiz

1. Why did Ju-kyung transfer to another school?
2. Where did Su Ho and Ju-kyung first meet?
3. What kind of drink does Ju-kyung like?
4. Where did Su Ho confess his feelings for Ju-kyung?
5. What kind of animal did Su Ho make from dough at Ju-kyung's house?
6. Why did Su Ho and Seo-jun ended in the hospital?
7. What did Seo-jun ask Ju-kyung to do as his wish?
8. What does Ju-kyung's sister call her boyfriend?
9. Who exposed Ju-kyung's real face on the school forum?
10. What did Su Ho get Ju-kyung before his trip to the sea?

A romantic and comedic drama about the life of a high school girl and all those people around her. The main character has an inferiority complex regarding her appearance: her face is always flushed and red, and her thick, black eyebrows make her look repulsive. All her peers make fun of her. This became a thing for her. Although the schoolgirl is eager to have friends and a boyfriend she likes. Ju-kyung's family is about to move to an old house because her father got into a strange situation again and lost a considerable sum of money earned by his wife. This change of scenery and cool makeup helps the girl change everything. After transferring to a new school, she is in for a big adventure, meeting classmates and handsome boys, as well as love, uncovering secrets and much more.

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